• Vista de la teraza y exterior de Muelle 21

A Space for What is Special

Muelle 21 is a large multidisciplinary space prepared to organize any event, whether institutional, business or private. The space can accommodate large events of up to 1000 people in cocktail party format or smaller according to the needs of the client.

Its wide variety of interior and exterior spaces, as well as its unbeatable location within the capital of Seville, makes Muelle 21 the ideal place to celebrate an event to remember. Celebrate your company event or maybe your wedding or private celebration?

The Place

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Aquarium of Seville, where you can find the most significant maritime species.

It is found in a unique historical enclave with excellent access roads from anywhere in the city. Neighbor to Maria Luisa Park and the monumental Plaza de España and two minutes from the ring road by city highway.

The Cuisine

Thanks to its onsite kitchen, Muelle 21 produces a full culinary offer based on high-quality raw materials with Andalusian certification.

It is a concept based on the Mediterranean cuisine with a more updated approach and presentation. Muelle 21 not only doesn’t want to lose the soul of our flavors but intends to empower them.

Our Spaces

Viewpoint Terrace

Surrounded by Seville’s marina and the traditional Maria Luisa Park, here you find the best location to celebrate your outdoor event. With a capacity of up to 300 people, it also has built-in sound to enjoy ambient music during the service.

Salón principal para banquete en Muelle 21

Main Room

With a capacity of 640 guests in banquet format and up to 100 people in cocktail-party setting, our main room is the ideal place to hold your event.

The room can be transformed into three smaller rooms if required by the type of event designed by the client. The paneling system divides the restaurant into fully independent rooms, conditioned and equipped for any occasion.

Terraza Lounge de Muelle 21

Terrace Lounge

The fold-away windows of the main room let out onto a space where you can enjoy beautiful views of Seville. The maritime atmosphere that is breathed in around them is the best decoration to relax and enjoy a drink outdoors.

Contact us and discover why our restaurant is the ideal solution for any event in the city of Seville. Will you join us?

Contact us and discover why our restaurant is the ideal solution for any event in the city of Seville. Will you join us?